In order to know the meaning of the agricultural term, the first thing we have to do is discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can underline that it is a word that derives from Latin, it is exactly the result of the sum of several components of that language such as these:
-The noun “ager”, which can be translated as “field”.
-The verb “colere”, which is associated with “cultivate”.
-The suffix “-a”, which is used to indicate “agent”.

The adjective agricultural is used to qualify that related to the farming (the activities related to tilling and cultivating the land to obtain raw materials). For example: "The country's agricultural sector has been growing for four consecutive years", "The drought will affect agricultural production", "My cousin is the president of a company dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery".


The concept of agricultural, in this way, is used in multiple expressions. A agricultural productIn this framework, it is the one obtained from agriculture. All the raw materials that man collects after growing a crop are agricultural products. These productsLike wheat, tomato, potato and cotton, they can be used for food or for the development of different industrial processes.

The economic activity that allows obtaining agricultural products is called agrobusiness operation or agrarian. These farms make up the agricultural sector of the economy; The discipline focused on the study of this sector is known as agricultural economics.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of a long list of organizations, entities and projects that are related to agriculture and that use the word at hand in their name. Among them are the following:
-International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), which belongs to the United Nations and whose objective is to shape projects and funds so that programs can be created to promote the progress of people living in rural areas.
-Common Agrarian Policy of the European Union, better known colloquially as PAC. It is in charge of managing and controlling the entire set of subsidies that are granted to agricultural production within the aforementioned EU.

The agricultural tools, on the other hand, they are instruments of manual use that are used in agriculture. These are shovels, machetes, scissors, scythes and pickaxes, among other utensils, which allow conditioning the land, planting, caring for the crop and harvesting.

When these tasks are carried out with technological assistance, people go to the Farm machinery. These machinesLike spreaders, combines, threshers and seeders, they allow to automate processes.

In addition, it is also interesting that we are aware that the term in question can also be found as a surname. A good example of this are figures such as Johannes Agricola (1494 - 1566), who was an important Protestant reformer of Germany, among others.

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