The notion of assistance it has several uses. It is usually associated with be present somewhere like a class, a act, a Assembly, etc. For example: "Dr. Lausseto confirmed his attendance at the conference", "I'm going to take attendance and then I'll explain the new topic, okay?", "The school principal rewarded four students for having perfect attendance throughout the school year".

Assistance, on the other hand, can be a help or collaboration that is offered to those who are in trouble or need some support: "Thanks to the assistance of this entity, tomorrow we will reopen the children's dining room", "Alicia, I require your assistance to complete the report.", "The policeman provided assistance to the woman so that she could give birth without complications".

The term, in this sense, can be applied in various fields. Thus it can be spoken of legal assistance (the legal advice provided by lawyers to those who require support to be in a position to exercise the defense of their Rights) or healthcare (the service, public or private, that is provided to citizens to prevent and treat diseases).

In the sports played as a team, an assist is a happens that a member of a team does to another player and that allows him to get a touchdown or both. Let's look at some example sentences: "Manu Ginobili defined the game with a double in the last second, after a great assist from Frenchman Tony Parker", "Andrés Iniesta scored two goals and gave Messi an assist for the Argentine to score the third goal in FC Barcelona's victory over Málaga by three to zero".

Remote assistance


In the field of computing, it is known as remote assistance to the service that provides one person to another to repair or optimize their computer without being physically present, but connected through a network. It is a technique that has been possible for many years now, and is accessible to any PC or portable device user, thanks to the various free applications that allow remote control of a computer without major complications.

Although remote assistance is very common in the field of service technical, Anyone can take advantage of this tool to help a friend or relative with tasks that may be somewhat difficult for them, and not necessarily to eliminate a virus or solve a driver problem. For example, if someone does not know how to install the latest version of the Flash player, thanks to remote assistance a user can handle your computer to do it from another geographic location.

Depending on the program used, remote assistance carries certain risks, which revolve around the safety. Some services require the permanent installation of an application on the host computer (the one that must be repaired, for example) and it is normal for it to run automatically every time the computer is started, unless the user expressly indicates otherwise. In this way, if the person performing the service is not trusted, you can take advantage of that circumstance to invade your client's privacy after the work has been done.

On the other hand, there are applications like the popular TeamViewer, who give their users the possibility of executing it temporarily; in other words, once remote assistance is finished, the program ceases to run and does not remain on the computer. In addition, TeamViewer requires the entry of a key that is automatically generated each time it is started, so that it cannot be used unless both users are present and give their approval.

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