Conditioning it's a noun which derives from the verb condition. This action consists of achieving a certain condition or condition starting from a certain arrangement of things.


Conditioning, therefore, is the result of preparing or fixing something to reach a goal or meet an objective. This means that they can be conditioned from objects to environments or environments.

There is talk of air conditioning when trying to make a room have a comfortable environmental condition. The process consists of heating or cooling the air to regulate the temperature. The apparatus that is in charge of developing this task is known as the air-conditioning.

In winter, therefore, the climate conditioning seeks to raise the temperature of a home or building. The environment can be conditioned with an air conditioner capable of emitting hot air or with a stove (radiator). In summer, on the other hand, the objective of conditioning is to cool off, so the appliances favor the circulation of cold air.

Another type of conditioning is acoustic, which seeks that the diffusion of a sound reach, with its original characteristics intact, all the corners of an enclosure. For this, issues such as reverberation, echo and absorption of sound waves must be analyzed. The acoustic conditioning it is very important in theaters and concert halls.

Regarding the domestic environment, we can also say that acoustic conditioning is essential. And it is thanks to him that what can be achieved is that in a house neither the noise of the neighbors nor those that occur in the street because of the vehicles, the children's games or even the locals of leisure that exist.

All types of panels are usually placed in this sense, especially those made of plasterboard. This is a material, made up of plasterboard, which in recent years has experienced great growth in terms of demand because it has a very cheap price, is installed very easily and quickly, achieves optimal results and also does not generate any type of dirt.

In colloquial language, the notion of conditioning is used to refer to efforts aimed at transform something or to leave it in good condition. For example: "Thanks to the conditioning of the back room, we were able to accommodate the uncles at home", "The authorities announced the creation of a mobile operating room from the conditioning of a truck".

In some countries, finally, conditioning refers to the physical training and the preparation of an athlete for a competition.

Specifically, we have to expose that what physical conditioning essentially pursues is that the person in question develops the physical qualities that he possesses. That is, to improve in aspects such as resistance, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed or strength.

For this it is necessary that you develop a wide variety of exercises such as stretching, sit-ups, squats, push-ups, neck movements, weights ...

Within the sports field we could also underline the existence of what is known as neuromuscular conditioning. This term is used to refer to the set of medium intensity exercises that are carried out before a workout with the clear objective of preparing the body for the activities that lie ahead. This conditioning can be general, which addresses all parts of the body, or specific, which focuses on certain body segments.

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