The 10 types of attraction (and their characteristics)

Human beings are social animals and, as such, we are evolutionarily programmed to live in community. But we have not limited ourselves to this. And it is not only that we have created incredibly complex societies, but our development as a species has been, is and will be linked to interpersonal relationships.

We interact very closely with the people in our social circle because we have felt and feel a special attraction towards them. All our relationships are based on attraction, the psychological and physiological phenomenon through which we feel a desire to be next to someone.

And although it has traditionally been associated with the sexual sphere, the truth is that attraction can manifest itself in many different ways without there having to be that desire for physical contact. We can feel attraction of friendship, intellectual, romantic, physical ... There are many ways to attract or be attracted to someone.

And in today's article, then, we will dive into the exciting world of interpersonal human relationships to understand the nature of attraction, seeing how it is classified depending on its trigger and analyzing the particularities of each type of attraction. Let's go there.


    What is attraction and how is it classified?

    Interpersonal attraction is a type of psychological and emotional force that is born from other people towards us and from us towards other people, consisting of a desire to meet, get closer, talk and establish, if the situation arises, a strong personal bond.

    The attraction between people can manifest itself, obviously, with the desire to have sexual relations. But, as we have already emphasized, it is not the only form of attraction described. And it is that sex is not the only thing that can attract us from a person. The force that draws us to a person does not have to be associated with it.

    Either way, interpersonal attraction can be understood as a social phenomenon that occurs between two people and that is characterized by the impulse to carry out certain reactions to get that person who has attracted us, because we like him or because he makes us feel good, becomes part of our life temporarily and / or in the long term.

    Friendship, love, sex ... Many very important areas of our life are closely linked to this attraction, which, in turn, is closely linked to familiarity and proximity. But what forms of interpersonal attraction exist? This is precisely what we are going to explore now.

    1. Sexual attraction

    Surely the best known, but not, as we have seen, the only one. Sexual attraction is that we feel towards someone with whom we want to have intimate contact. Attraction to a person who arouses sexual desire. It is a very intense, carnal and deep form of attraction, but it generally lasts for a short time.

    Desire, sexuality and the need for both closeness and physical contact intermingle in sexual attraction. It is important to keep in mind that it can arise alone, that is, without the need to fall in love, or that there is a combination with the romantic attraction that we will now analyze.

    2. Romantic attraction

    Romantic attraction is one based on love, on the desire to maintain an intimate relationship with a person. It is a deep and emotional attraction that does not have to be associated with the sexual one. Moreover, over time, in a relationship the sexual attraction can fade, but the romantic one survives.

    Love is based on romantic attraction, which goes far beyond sex. It is not only a physical attraction, but the desire to maintain a romantic relationship (as a couple) with a person because we feel that it fills us in all aspects of our life.

    3. Subjective physical attraction

    Physical attraction is that we feel for a person who attracts us because of their physical appearance. It may (or may not) be associated with sexual attraction, but it deserves your particular mention. And it is that someone can attract us physically but without feeling a deep sexual attraction. In its subjective aspect, physical attraction is associated with imagining situations with that person.

    We explain ourselves. Subjective physical attraction is that form of attraction based on the physique that evolves over time as our relationship with it changes. It is an attraction towards known or unknown people that tends to be associated with sexual fantasies that cause the attraction to increase and the sexual attraction to appear.

    4. Objective physical attraction

    Objective physical attraction is one that we experience towards people we know but with whom we would never have a sexual attraction or fantasize. That is, we can see, objectively, that a friend from childhood is attractive or attractive, but without imagining anything or wanting to have sex with her. We are attracted by his physical appearance but without the possibility of taking him to the field of sexuality.

    5. Attraction of friendship

    The attraction of friendship is one that we feel towards our friends. There is neither a sexual attraction nor does there have to be a physical one, but we do feel that desire to share moments and live experiences together, because they bring you many positive emotions.

    It is a form of attraction that is separated from the sexual, the physical and the romantic and on which all our friendships are based, with that attraction towards our friends that does not go beyond friendship but that make our life one much better experience. As they say, whoever has a friend has a treasure.

    6. Sensory attraction

    Sensory or sensual attraction is one that, being more associated with sexual and romantic attraction, is based on the desire to experience sensations linked to the five senses with a person. The kisses, the pampering, the caresses, the hugs, the whispers ...

    In this sense, sensory attraction is the form of attraction that makes us want a person we like to make us feel pure and enriching sensations. A person who attracts us in all aspects also attracts us on a sensory level.

    7. Intellectual attraction

    Intellectual attraction is that we feel towards a person who can provide us with things at the level of knowledge and experience. There is no sexual or romantic desire and, there does not even have to be a friendship attraction, but it is someone who, intellectually, attracts us. Because of her intelligence, culture, knowledge ... We want to be close to her to talk and exchange ideas.

    Now, it is true that this intellectual attraction, being so strong and stimulating a very deep emotional connection, can open the doors to the attraction of friendship and, very often, to sexual attraction. In the end, the brain may be the sexiest part of your body.

    8. Sentimental attraction

    Sentimental attraction is one that It is based on the feelings that a person generates in us, may or may not be associated with romantic attraction. Obviously, in a love relationship between a couple there is a sentimental attraction, but it also occurs between mothers and children, between siblings, between very close friends ...

    It is a less intense attraction than the romantic one itself but essential for our closest personal relationships, based on admiration, pride, respect, trust and the strongest bonds. Family, friends, and partners can arouse strong emotions and feelings.

    9. Aesthetic attraction

    Aesthetic attraction is that similar to physical, in the sense that it is based on the force that attracts us to a person because of their physique, but in this case it does not have to be associated with their appearance, but with their charisma, clothing, shape to move, style ... As its name says, it is the attraction we feel for someone but not because of how they are, but because of their aesthetics and style.

    That is, we can feel aesthetic attraction towards a person who, on the other hand, does not generate physical or sexual attraction to us. You can see someone on TV that you don't physically like but you love their wardrobe, for example. This would be an aesthetic attraction. The icons of cinema, fashion, music, television, etc., that neither physically nor sexually attract us can generate this aesthetic attraction that, in some cases, can awaken the will to imitate them.

    10. Attraction based on proximity

    The attraction based on closeness is one that we experience towards people with whom we live. It is the form of attraction that, being closely associated with the sentimental, we feel towards our parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, uncles, closest friends, roommates, co-workers and even towards our pets.

    It is a little known form of attraction, but since it does not have to be associated with a friendship, sexual, romantic or physical attraction, it deserves its own mention. There are people in our circle with whom, simply by living with them or spending a lot of time with them, we establish very strong emotional bonds. Closeness generates attraction.

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