To begin to unravel the meaning of the term attraction, we have to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it is a word of Latin origin as it derives from "attractio". This can be translated as "action and effect of bringing towards one" and is the result of the sum of three clearly delimited elements of said language:
-The prefix “ad-”, which means “towards”.
-The adjective “tractus”, which is equivalent to “thrown”.
-The suffix “-cion”, which is used to indicate “action and effect”.

It is called attraction to the process and result of attracting: to move towards oneself, to make something go to a place. From these broad meanings, the idea Attraction is used in multiple contexts.


The attraction can be what feel a person compared to another when it has a romantic or sexual interest. A man who finds a woman attractive because of her body, to cite one possibility, is attracted to her. For example: "My attraction to you started as soon as I met you", "There was an attraction between him and me, but it is already in the past", "The singer assured that he does not feel any attraction for his former partner".

Precisely a film that talks about this sexual interest that is established between two people and that has become a classic in the history of cinema is "Fatal Attraction". It is a feature film that was released in 1987 and is directed by Adrian Lyen.

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close are the main actors in this story. They play an important married lawyer with children named Dan and a successful editor named Alex, respectively. At the moment they meet they have several sexual encounters because the attraction they feel is undeniable.

However, everything gets complicated when he is clear that he does not want to continue with that relationship and she refuses to accept the rejection. And she will be willing to do anything to be with Dan again.

Anne Archer, Ellen Folley, Stuart Pankin or Fred Gwyne are other actors who made up the cast of this film.

The magnetism and the strength of gravity, on the other hand, they generate attraction: they attract elements according to their properties: "We need a bigger magnet so that it exerts enough attraction", "The low attraction generated by gravity on the Moon means that, if a human being travels the satellite, he can jump very high without effort".

Also called attraction to show, the event, the facilities or the place which, thanks to their characteristics, are attractive to the public: "The main attraction of this museum is the replica of a life-size dinosaur that is in the central room", "The meeting that Barcelona and Real Madrid will play this afternoon in the Catalan capital is the great attraction of the date in the Spanish soccer league", "The Ministry of Tourism will conduct a survey among visitors to find out which is the most valued attraction in the city".

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