26 origami figures step by step; the best compilation

origami figures step by step

The Japanese have been great experts in origami for centuries. The art of making paper dolls is known in Japan as origami, and has thousands of possibilities for create origami figures with infinite shapes.

For children of all ages and adults, there is no more relaxing activity than practicing Japanese origami. Starting at simplest origami shapes In order to work your way up to mastering the more difficult ones, we've compiled some of the Japanese favourites.

Do you also want to learn how to make 3D paper figures? Start with these proposals that you will love. Discover how to make an origami step by step with different shapes of animals, flowers and objects, to make beautiful figures in the traditional style.

how to make paper origami

Through the internet there many tutorials for beginners of very easy origami, with which to make incredible geometric figures. Get to work!

In this article you will find...


    What is Japanese origami?

    Origami is the Japanese art of making figures folding the paper without using scissors or glue. Through specific folds, it is possible to form miniature paper sculptures of various shapes, which imitate easily recognizable objects.

    Unlike origami, to make origami figures you have to follow very specific guidelines. It is not allowed to make cuts in the paperand each figure is achieved from a base that can be a square or rectangular piece of paper.

    how to make paper figures step by step

    In other words, origami is a type of origami, but not all origami styles are like japanese origami. To make Japanese paper figures you have to practice a lot, since it is not a simple technique.

    In Japan, paper figures have been made step by step in a traditional way for centuries, related to elements of nature. With a purely Shinto symbologyand steeped in tradition, Japanese origami creates paper origami that have survived the test of time, and is considered part of the most ancient culture of the country.

    History of origami in Japan

    The technique of making figures out of paper through folds was created in China around the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, arriving in Japan around the 6th century. The Heian period was the time when the art of origami spread throughout the country, as one of the favorite pastimes of the nobility.

    Make paper origami at that time it was not available to everyone. Sheets of paper were very difficult to manufacture, and having the material to make origami figures was only available to a few. A real luxury!

    origami crane step by step

    Between the 14th and 16th centurypapermaking techniques improved considerably in Japan, China, and nearby countries, making origami cheaper.

    This art passed into the hands of the samurai aristocrats, the feudal lords, and little by little It was established among the wealthy people and the peasants of the Tokugawa period.

    To this day, many of the techniques that describe how to make origami have remained intact. There are books that collect tutorials to make very simple figures, and even difficult origami, with which to learn the traditional art of origami.

    books to make paper figures

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    Origami figures became known in the West thanks to the Silk Road. Centuries later, when Japan opened its ports to international trade after years of total isolation, Japanese origami gained much prominence. In events like the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878where Eastern and Western culture began to merge.

    The best origami figures step by step

    Although you can try to make origami figures on your own, letting yourself be carried away by your intuition, this technique It is not at all simple like other types of origami.

    easy origami figures step by step

    The instructions for making origami are very exact, and require a lot of practice and paper control.

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    We'll see how to make paper figures of all kindsfrom flowers, a jumping frog, to a terrifying dinosaur.

    origami heart

    The heart-shaped origami is perhaps the prettiest and easiest figure to do. It is also one of the oldest, with which everyone begins to learn the venerable technique of Japanese origami.

    To make this tutorial low difficultyuse a square piece of paper and follow these instructions:

    step by step origami ideas

    As passionate about origami since we were little, we know that beginnings are hard. If you want to learn how to make a figure, the best way is to see how someone else does it with their own hands.

    That is why we recommend that whenever you can, you see a video tutorial on how to make figures with paper. Here you have the complete video to make a beautiful red origami heart:

    origami fan

    Another of the easy step-by-step origami tutorials with which to start trying origami on your own is to make a fan. Starting from a rectangular sheet of paper, follow the instructions in this video that tells you how to make a traditional fan-shaped paper origami:

    As you can see, in the creation of this craft no scissors or glue used. This is the true art of origami in Japan; make folds in the paper to obtain figures of great beauty and durability.

    Mario Bros and Luigi origami

    for lovers of Nintendo and the Mario universe, this origami figure will surprise you. Discover how to do it easily in this video tutorial:

    origami shirt

    Another of the origami figures that we learned to make a long time ago was this fun shirt. We saw the idea through the internet to give money in a more original way. We got to work and folded some bills into shirt shapes to make them more attractive inside an envelope and a box.

    Of course, in addition to bills you can use a rectangular sheet of paper with the color or pattern that you like the most. Follow the tutorial shown in this image, and you will see how easy it is to make figures with paper:

    origami step by step easy

    origami fish

    Another of the origami figures for children and beginners simplest to make is the fish. With a very simple form, this cute little fish can be made in many colors to decorate or play with.

    Follow the tutorial that tells you how to make origami step by step with this simple fish starting from a square sheet of paper:

    origami ninja star

    In addition to the flying paper crane, the ninja star is the most practiced origami in the Japanese country. Almost all Japanese children have mastered the technique to make a perfect star. But although it seems easy, you have to get the hang of it.

    ninja star uses two square papers that bind each other to make the figure complete. You can use paper of the same color, or do like this video that teaches you how to make origami step by step, with paper of different colors:

    origami swan

    East beautiful swan origami It is indicated for intermediate or advanced levels. Discover how to make this paper swan step by step:

    how to make an origami swan step by step in spanish

    origami dragon

    If you're japanese dragon loverdon't miss how to make an easy origami dragon step by step with this simple tutorial, from the most original figures!

    origami jumping frog

    In the world there are many versions for make the classic paper jumping frog. We learned how to do it when we were little, but we can assure you that the Japanese origami technique is even more effective.

    If you want to make an origami step by step of a frog that jump higher and more effectivelytry the instructions in this Youtube video to make a moving frog:

    origami elephant

    East cute and original origami elephant It will delight the little ones in the house. It is a very fun craft to do with this simple step by step:

    elephant origami for kids

    origami crab

    Not long ago we saw this origami figure on paper, and we insisted on learning how to make it. We got down to work, and the truth is that there are multiple videos on the internet that tell you how to make origami crab traditional style from Japan.

    The Japanese crab figure is very basic, but the number of folds you need to make make it a intermediate level origami. Do you also want to learn how to do it?

    origami butterfly

    From a nice crab we turn to an origami figure in the shape of a butterfly. As with paper airplanes and boats, butterflies can be made in many different waysand here we show you two of our favorites.

    In this first tutorial you can see a butterfly made with two pieces of paper which are held with a ribbon in the center. Technically, this would not be Japanese origami, as the figures cannot be joined in any way other than by folding.

    In this other tutorial for make origami butterflies yes they use only one piece of paper. It is equivalent to an intermediate level, but with a little practice, you will also learn to do them.

    origami bat

    From one flying animal to another, through this adorable bat origami. The shape seems easy to do, but to get the wings and those little pointy ears, it is necessary fold paper with great precision until it comes out perfect:

    Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a paper bat yourself. Ideal for make halloween garlands or to decorate your room with lots of paper animals.

    origami cat

    The japanese and asian cats we love them and that's why we wanted to put this simple tutorial to make an origami cat:

    origami 3d cat step by step in spanish

    origami hummingbird

    A similar but simpler technique than the Japanese crane It is the one used to make a hummingbird. This little bird is one of the latest simple additions to the art of Japanese origami, but it has been so well received that everyone has been encouraged to learn it.

    If you are also a bird lover and want to master the technique to make different crafts with paperTry following this very simple step by step:

    origami plane

    paper airplanes are a classic in the world of origami. Children and adults will enjoy making the plane and then playing with it. Do not miss this simple tutorial:

    origami paper plane that flies a lot
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    With this tutorial you will have a paper plane that flies a long time and you will leave strangers themselves with their mouths open.

    origami dove

    Along with the crane, the paper dove is the most represented bird among origami figures. Everybody knows the typical paper bow ties that are made in the West with the origami technique. In Japan however, the pigeon is somewhat more complex.

    If you look closely, the way of making the birds is similar, but it preserves details that they perfectly differentiate each type of animal. The pigeon is usually made in Japan this way, although there are other small variations that you can add if it is easier for you:

    origami whale

    We continue with the tutorials on how to make paper animals with another very characteristic of Japan. In a country surrounded by sea, whales are one of the most mentioned mammals in Japanese legends and tales.

    It is not surprising that the whale origami figures They were one of the favorites of the imperial family at the beginning of this honorable art. There are also variations when making origami figures, but the most common is this cetacean model:

    origami crocodile

    With origami you can make all kinds of reptiles. From turtles, lizards, chameleons, to the largest living reptile in the world: the crocodile. With this step-by-step tutorial you too can make an adorable kawaii looking lizard:

    origami figures step by step

    Something more complex is this tutorial to make a origami crocodile with a single square sheet of paper. To give it such a special effect, the sheets to make origami in Japan are of a different color on each side, as seen in this video:

    origami dinosaurs

    They are also lizards, although they are already extinct. Obviously, origami dinosaurs are a modern incorporation to the world of Japanese origami. But they are not less popular for that, and there are several versions of the most common dinosaurs.

    Learn to make a T-Rex with this tutorial step to He passed:

    With this video you can make a paper triceratops most complete:

    could not miss the origami diplodocusthe large, long-necked herbivore:

    origami shark

    Is your child a fan of sharks? well with this step by step walkthrough to make a shark will hallucinate:

    how to make an easy paper shark

    origami fox

    Kitsune is the most famous fox in Japanese mythology. Of course, he also has his own technique for making beautiful origami, which adorns many Shinto shrines and shops throughout Japan.

    This fox is a protector of crops, and brings good luck to merchants. Make an origami fox it is a way of summoning good fortune.

    origami dog

    Are you a fan of japanese dog breeds? Discover how to make an origami figure of a dog step by step and easy:

    easy dog ​​origami step by step

    On the internet, you can also find more tutorials with instructions how to make a dachshund, a dog with a body and many more.

    origami rabbit

    Something more complicated than Kitsune origami is make a Japanese style paper bunny. The figure is similar, but it has a few more folds, as you can see in this tutorial:

    For the origami bunny to turn out well, you have to be very patient and fold carefully. The ears and the body remain with volumeso that the animal can remain standing and in perfect balance.

    origami deer

    when we visit the city of Nara, one of the best memories we brought back from there was a beautiful origami deer. An elderly woman who attended us at the ticket office of a museum gave us a figurine that she herself was making to entertain herself.

    As you know, deer are the most characteristic animal of Nara, but is also worshiped in many other regions of Japan. It is a sacred animal, and as such, you have several options to make the paper figure, this being one of the simplest:

    Do you want more Christmas figures? Something more complex is this deer origami figure which is represented with antlers included, very original for Christmas.

    try doing both and you will become an origami expert, rising to the higher level of greater complexity.

    origami step by step

    origami flower

    We finish our selection of origami figures with one of the most impressive flowers: the tulip. It is a complex piece that consists of the flower attached to the stem and leaves.

    This tutorial shows you a simple way to make a origami flower without using scissors or glue. Of course, you will need a wooden stick to complete it, as shown in the video:

    By making several of these flowers with different colors, you can make a beautiful bouquet with just paper. Paper flowers are more durable than the natural ones, and a precious gift loaded with symbolism, since it is handmade with great care.

    In addition to these figures that we have seen, there are many other tutorials that indicate how to make assorted origami figures from animals such as a tiger, wolf, giraffe, dolphin, parrot, peacock, snake, rooster, to mythological beings such as a dragon, flowers such as roses, weapons, boats... just with the origami technique.

    How to make a Japanese origami crane?

    The Japanese paper crane is perhaps the best known origami symbol inside and outside of Japan. Have you noticed that we have not included it in our list of origami figures? This is because we have in the Alternative Japan blog a complete post where we tell you more about it.

    easy spanish origami

    Discover the origami crane legendits meaning and a tutorial to do it step by step clicking on this link.

    Get down to work to learn the venerable art of Japanese origami and become an expert in origami figures.

    easy origami step by step

    Have countless online tutorials to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend, for mother's or father's day... and thus continue advancing in level, making the most impressive compositions you can imagine.

    And you, with what origami figures are you going to start testing? Are there any others that you have learned to do?

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