The term apartment, which comes from the Italian word appartment, refers to a type of property. Specifically, the concept refers to a flat or Department: an independent dwelling that includes one or more rooms inside a building of various heights.


In general, the apartments are chosen by people who live alone, couples or family groups of few members. This is because, although there are exceptions, they usually present smaller dimensions than houses.

By being part of a edifice, the apartments offer several advantages to their inhabitants. There are expenses that are divided among all the neighbors who live in the building and exist shared use spaces such as laundry rooms, garages and multipurpose rooms.

For his surface bounded, it turns out cheaper to buy or rent an apartment compared to a house. Maintenance is also often cheaper.

The apartments, in short, are units that are developed in a certain amount of square meters inside a building. There are buildings that have an apartment per flat or floor, although most have several apartments at each height.

An average apartment has bathroom, kitchen, dining room Y one or two bedrooms. In any case, it is possible to find multiple variables: they can have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, balcony or terrace, the kitchen integrated into the dining room, etc.

It is important to mention that, although before they were used as synonyms, today the idea from withdrawal It is not used to name these dwellings, but rather refers to the act and result of moving away or moving away.

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