accommodation is the action and effect of lodging or lodging (host, lodge, place one thing inside another). The most frequent use of the term is linked to place where people spend the night or camp, usually in the middle of a travel or during holidays. The Hotels, hostels and inns are types of accommodation.

For example: "When we get to town, the first thing we will do is look for accommodation to spend the night", "Given the large number of people who traveled to South Africa to attend the final of the tournament, several cities sold out their accommodation places", “Could you give me accommodation in your house? I have argued with my family and I don't want to spend the night with them ".

The sector economic that includes all economic activities related to the provision of accommodation services is known as hospitality or hospitality. These establishments offer services of various categories that are usually classified according to a number of stars. The one-star hotels are the basic ones, while the five-star hotels combine comfort and luxury.

On a broader level, human accommodation includes the notion of permanent home (which can be a house inhabited by a family, an individual apartment, an orphanage, a home for the elderly, a collective residence for students, etc.). There are also other types of temporary accommodation that have nothing to do with hotels, such as those who stay in a prison or hospital.

The web hosting or hostingFinally, it is a service that consists of the storage of digital information (documents, images, videos, audios and other types of content) in a server which is accessible through Internet.

When hosting a website, it is not always necessary to make an economic investment, since there are many companies They offer this service for free. However, it is very important to study the proposals of each one to choose the one that best suits your own needs. In the first place, therefore, the characteristics of the project to be published must be thoroughly understood, including the technical requirements of the server on which it will be hosted.


One of the basic features of a service Web hosting is access to a database. A large part of the tasks carried out by a web page are linked to various data tables, in which user names and passwords are stored, the button labels and tabs organized by language, and all the texts that are displayed in it. such as newspaper articles and welcome messages.

This shows that the communication between a website and its database can be intense and constant, so it is important to calculate the impact this will have on performance once there are thousands of users visiting it. weather. A free hosting is mainly against a discrete traffic limit, so it does not allow the volume of queries that an internationally famous site requires.

Year after year, many blogs and pages dedicated to the world of computing carry out studies to determine which are the best offers for free accommodation; among the most popular until 2013 are, Y It is worth mentioning that some services impose the presence of advertisements on their users. advertising on its pages; This is reasonable, since they do not charge anything in return for their benefits, but it is inappropriate for certain projects.

Finally, it should be mentioned that it is possible to hire a web hosting service to perform tasks such as data processing on a database and communication with an application such as an extension or plug-in for a browser. In other words, it is not necessary to host the pages that the user will see on the server, but can be used for intermediate documents between the graphical interface of a program and the base of data.

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