The 26 best YouTube channels in Japan in Spanish

Looking for the best Youtube channels from Japan in Spanish? You have come to the right place! YouTube is a social network where you can find high-quality content.

One way to learn more about Japanese culture no matter where you are in the world is to research through the many Youtube channels about Japan that you have available on the platform.

Even if you live in Japan or if you have traveled to the land of the rising sun many times, there are details of your culture that you have been able to escape.

If you know how to search well on YouTube, you have at your fingertips countless videos that talk about all kinds of interesting topics from Japan, and even personal experiences that its protagonists live every day.

We are ardent content consumers through this social network, and of course, one of our favorite topics is travel and Japanese culture.

Through this compilation we have selected those that for us are the best Youtube channels about Japan. We are sure that you will like them too!

We know there are many more interesting and recommended channels, but this time we have selected those that are in Spanish and of which we do not miss a single video each time they publish.

We consider that these youtubers are the best when it comes to give information about Japan of all kinds and for all audiences. Find out which are my favorite youtubers from Japan.

Youtube is an excellent platform if you want get to know Japanese culture without leaving home. Did you know that there are many Latin YouTubers and Spanish YouTubers in Japan?

Nobody better than them to expose their experiences and points of view told in the first person from the land of the rising sun.

These are the best youtubers about Japan in Spanish that you should not miss. Take note!

La Esponesa

Saori, daughter of Japanese parents, is a Japanese girl who loves Spanish and Latin culture.

the sponesa youtube

He speaks perfectly Spanish, so on his YouTube channel you will enjoy a lot of content in your own language, and even immerse yourself a little in the Japanese language through his videos for beginners who are beginning to study it.

japanese channels youtube

In this channel you will find videos in Vlogs format in which you can see what your day-to-day living in the Japanese country is like, your trips and vacations outside and within Japan.

It also exposes multiple curiosities, and all this from the point of view of a young woman who has Spanish soul in Japanese body.

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If you want to contrast the differences between Japan and Hispanic culture, the Nekojita channel will hook you from the start.

japanese channel with ham nekojitablog

Your videos are recorded in informative format, dealing with topics of interest that Yuko and Ernesto talk about, recounting their experience and also investigating on their own.

best japan youtube channels

Inside the canal they also have a special section called 'Japan with Ham', which is much more personal. His book 'Japan with Ham' is a worldwide bestseller.

japanese book with nekojita ham blog opinions

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This couple of a Japanese girl and a Spanish boy has lived in their two countries of origin, although for some years have settled in Tokyo to have her first child, named Alen.

Discover what the relationship is like between two people from such different cultures, and what it is like to be a mongrel baby in Japan.

Yuko and Ernesto have had other channels separately. She presents funny Japanese toys on this channelwhile he shows his passion for photography in your Tengu channel.

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Ruthi San

Ruth Juárez Castellanos is a Mexican woman married to a Japanese man, with a beautiful family that lives in Japan. His family is made up of Don Sin Rostro (DSR), Yurika and Ryusei.

ruthi family vlogs how much you earn

On his YouTube channel in Japan he has as a diary how is life in japan since he moved, his experiences every day, things that surprise him, and curiosities that he has discovered over time.

ruthi san family youtube channel from japan

It also has a secondary channel called Ruthi Family Vlogs, which has become one of the most followed family YouTube channels in the world, and its most active channel right now.

Of course, his videos are all in Spanish, uploading a lot of content every week to keep his followers up to date with everything that happens in the interesting life of a half Mexican and half Japanese family with two beautiful children.

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Kira sensei

José Luis is a Catalan who lives in the city of Amagasaki, in Hyōgo prefecture, a neighboring city from Osaka. Currently, he is married to a Japanese named Yoko Chan, and he has 2 girls.

japanese channels youtube kira teachings

On their YouTube channel you will not only see the life of a Spaniard in Japan, but you will also have practical content if what interests you is learn and practice the Japanese language.

This Japan YouTube channel was one of the pioneers in show Japanese culture from a western point of view.

japanese youtube channels kira sensei

The channel was the ideal springboard for Kira to dare to launch different Japanese courses for Spaniards totally online.

In total, he has 2 YouTube channels, one more personal where he talks about his experiences and analyzes news about Japan, and another called Kiravivo with free self-taught Japanese learning lessons.

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Hideto Nakandari's videos on his YouTube channel are the most. This boy from Japanese family, born in Argentina, shows the best fusion of both cultures through food.

youtube channels about japan in spanish japatonic

In addition to delicious recipes, analysis of the Japanese cuisine dishes most popular, and videos trying famous restaurants or shopping in supermarkets, also shares curiosities of Japan and its daily life.

top channels youtube japatonic japatonic

It is not a channel as well known as others. But we believe that it deserves many more subscribers than it has, and we hope that it will soon become one of the best Youtube channels about cooking.

The videos of this man is always a pleasure and we wait for you without fail weekly. His team is also made up of Ricardo, Lore and Jin.

It also has a secondary channel called Japatonic TV very interesting that opened for reasons of the COVID-19 pandemic with short videos.

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Leo is another Mexican in Japan who tells his daily adventures through two YouTube channels under the name Japanistic.

japanistic japan youtube channel

Its content has the particularity that it is not elaborate at all, and yet the shots that it takes in each of its videos get capture the reality of the country where you live for years. They are incredible!

leo japanistic wife

In a similar way to Nekokitablog, but at the same time staying within its essence, it deals with questions that we frequently ask ourselves about the Japanese country, in addition to combining them with his own life and experiences.

It also has other secondary channels. One of videos about cars, technology ... called Japanistech and another channel about curiosities called AllJapanese where he gives his most sincere opinion in the first person.

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Mexican living in Japan and mom of 2 twin boys, this young woman shares her life through her interesting YouTube channel for a female audience.

sandyael youtube japan

It has videos of fashion, makeup, japanese cosmetics, and even trying typical food products of the country where you live.

best youtube channels japan sandyael

If you are looking for a beauty and lifestyle channel Make it different, this Japanese-Mexican youtuber will enchant you.

Little by little it opens its gap between the most famous channels for girls, showing her passionate life in Japan that differs from that of the rest of Spanish, Latin or Spanish-speaking girls.

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Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine channels there are many. But almost none of them have recipes so easy, fast and complete, to show you the step by step to elaborate the dishes of Japanese gastronomy most delicious.

channel youtube japanese cuisine

The Japanese Cuisine channel is carried Taka and David. They both speak both Japanese and Spanish, but in the videos Taka takes the opportunity to practice his Spanish. And it keeps getting better!

youtube channel of japanese gastronomy

All videos on this channel revolve around the theme of food.

You will find recipes, but also experiences in Japanese markets, in restaurants, shopping in supermarkets, and many tips to make you an expert in the japanese gastronomy.

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Anna Film Production

If we were to pick one of our favorites to put on top of the best YouTube channels about JapanWithout a doubt, the Anna Film channel would be one of our first candidates.

japanese landscapes youtube

We do not know exactly who this girl is or her nationality, but we are sure that a few videos about Japan that are crazy.

recommended japan youtube channels

This youtuber shows on her channel her audiovisual works showing different areas of Japan with images only accompanied by music.

The shots are precious, and through them you will feel that you are walking by the place that appears on the screen without leaving home.

Discover from most touristic places in Japan to the secret corners that very few know, with hours and hours of content that will make you travel.

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The usual thing for family YouTube channels in Spanish is that couples are made up of a Spanish-speaking member and another Japanese.

youtube channel yunae japan

The channel of the Spanish youtuber Yunae is different. Although they live in Osaka, she is Spanish and her husband is from the United States, which makes a very complete mix to enjoy the 3 cultures at the same time.

yunae real name

This channel is great to hang out with, with super funny videos in which Yunae deals with all kinds of topics.

Talk about your experiences in Japan, fashion, makeup, interviews, and even her husband accompanies her in some of the videos that have become the most viewed on the channel.

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Anshin Doyle

Anshin Doyle is a funny Spanish woman, lover of makeup and all things kawaii, who shares his life in Japan in a very close and natural way.

anshin doyle gossiping instagram age name youtube

He has lived in Tokyo for some time, and since then he has not stopped sharing his experiences discovering the culture from scratch, until now that he already lives like a real japanese.

anshin doyle twitter

Discover how little by little her life is changing from a Japanese student to one more salaried employee, as well as the process of housing rental in Japan.

In addition to his main channel, he has another secondary channel where he talks about idols, fangirlism, series, books, fantasy and much more. Click here to view.

There is nothing Anshin has in store for her, so it is always a pleasure to keep up with her adventures, with weekly videos that will help you disconnect from the sofa at home.

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Namie is a youtuber who lives in Japan, from Peruvian mother and Japanese father. As he tells on his channel, he was born in Lima, he lived during his childhood in Japan, but his parents returned to Peru and he lived with them for many years.

japeruana youtube

The key moment he started on YouTube was when he decided to take the plunge and move alone to Tokyo, telling his funny anecdotes through the channel.

top youtubers channels in japan

For more than 4 years he has shown what Japanese culture is like, comparing it with his life experience in Latin America, and talks about the curiosities that he comes across on a daily basis.

Also shows the life of his familyboth in Tokyo and on the many trips she makes to visit her parents.

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Razi can be the most geek Spanish of all Youtube. His real name is Raúl Vela and he has lived in Saitama since 2009.

razi in japan wedding

Lover of everything related to Japan, and especially of the manga and anime culture, has been living in Japan for a long time with his Japanese wife and their adorable baby named Yuu.

japanese otaku geek channel

But on the Youtube channel of RaziVideos you will not see his daily lifeYou will not find another channel of family life mixing Spanish culture with Japanese.

From his geek lair, Razi talks about the more bizarre topics about the country that welcomes him today, mixing a bit of history, and a lot of freakiness with a point of humor that his most ardent followers love.

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Creative in Japan

Also with a little geek point, but more focused on the subject of video games, the Creativo channel in Japan has become a benchmark for Nintendo fans and other Japanese classics.

Japanese YouTube Video Game Channels

David Boscá, little by little he is opening his niche on Youtube, with a high quality material Recorded directly from Japan, the cradle of video games.

creative in japan youtube channel

Besides doing all kinds of console and game reviews that go on the market, also explains how video game culture is lived in Japan.

Goes through thrift shopping to analyze the games and consoles that are for sale, and show his incredible collection that will give you long teeth.

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Japan gemu

Akira Kaneko is a Peruvian boy whose father is Japanese. He has been living in Japan for a few years now and has a very interesting YouTube channel.

YouTube channel with the most followers in Japan

Currently, it is one of the YouTube channels about Japan with more subscribers. In his videos he looks for retro video games, collectibles at stores like Hard Off, tells very curious experiences ...

youtube channels about video games japan gemu

With more than 5 years on YouTube, it is a benchmark in retro games and consoles in Japan for Spanish-speaking fans.

If you are a lover of video games, retro consoles and everything related to japanese geek stuff, This entertainment channel in Japan is for you!

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Japanese cuisine with Yuta

Yuta is a japanese cook that broadcasts his adventures in Mexico through his YouTube channel.

how to make japanese food with yuta

Even if he does not currently live in his native country, he makes a great sample of its culture through gastronomy, from which to learn a lot if you like Japanese food.

japanese cuisine with yuta

It has infinity of recipes of the most traditional dishes of Japan, as well as their own versions that sometimes mix ingredients and western touches.

A great advantage is that by living outside of Japan, it shows you how to substitute ingredients that are not so easy to find in Latin America, or where to buy in Mexico everything you need for your elaborations.

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Eriko is a beautiful japanese model who speaks a little Spanish and practices it through his videos on his YouTube channel.

japanese youtube channels

Due to his work, and also for leisure, he usually travels a lot, and shows every corner he walks, through Japan, China, Russia, Europe and many other corners.

japanese without makeup cute eriko

His videos are mainly in Japan, but in all of them you will find Spanish subtitles.

They are perfect to practice a bit if you are immersed in studying Japanese, because their pronunciation is very clear, and the language he uses is quite basic.

And if you are not interested in learning Japanese, simply enjoy your adventures for the dozens of countries in which it has already been. You will love them!

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In Japanese with Rafy

In the Alternative Japan blog We have talked about a YouTube channel like Japoneando by David Esteban in which learn japanese for free online.

japanese classes with rafy

Another channel that we did not mention at the time, and that we have just discovered, is En Japanese with Rafy. Private Japanese Teacher, who has also worked at the university level, offers incredible video content for learning the Japanese language.

learn basic japanese youtube

In addition to many complete video classesYou will also find other complementary didactic material, advice that he gives to his students, and some videos of the most interesting of his daily life.

Suitable for all levelsYou will surely find the Rafy channel as practical and fun.

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Another of our most recent discoveries is Craker's canal. The truth is that we do not explain to ourselves how we had not run into him before, because his videos are a real wonder.

japanese anime channel craker

Expert in Japanese culture, but especially in video games, he recounts his experiences in Tokyo and analyzes current affairs in an objective way.

retro japanese youtube channels

In their videos you will find everything from tutorials to restore consoles, video game cartridges and even the original box if you were a collector, game reviews, even daily vlogs about your life and travel.

His videos of walking around the house hook from the first minute, and although they don't have the best productionIt is to value the great work he does on his YouTube channel.

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Colors of Japan

Abigail is an Argentinian with light eyes and long blonde hair who moved to Tokyo years ago to study the language and it ended up staying forever.

colors of japan abigail

Today he has a high level of Japanese, although he makes his videos in Spanish for your Spanish-speaking audience, sometimes accompanied by her Japanese boyfriend who is learning a little Spanish.

colors of japan youtube

His channel is not expressly about Japan, but at show your day to dayIt is inevitable to end up showing the most everyday facet of this country.

It deals with feminine themes such as fashion, makeup, the odd recipe, and many vlogs of his travels and typical activities of Japanese girls that may be of interest to you.

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Juliana is another of the Mexicans living in Japan for years.

youtubers in japan juli

Married to a handsome Japanese man, she shows her day to day through social networks (especially Instagram) and her YouTube channel to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

japan vlogs youtube juli

The central theme of the channel is beauty and fashion, although it also shows other themes.

Also on many occasions he combines it with vlogs, some recipe, travel, and the classic tags that all youtubers with young followers do.

Royumi - Live Japan

Royumi is not a familiar YouTube channel like the others. This family of Spanish mother, Mexican father and 3 adorable children born in Japan, Ro, Yu, and the beautiful Mi, make daily videos of different themes.

royumi families youtube channels

Every week, without fail, they go up new content about your day to day, about Japanese culture and the countries of their parents, and vlogs from their day to day. And if you are learning Japanese, do not miss the videos of learning Japanese with Royumi, very educational!

royumi lives japan youtube

If you want to see how one lives multicultural family in the land of the rising sun, in this YouTube channel you will have all the information you need.

There is nothing more fun than watching life from the eyes of children as nice as those that star in the videos on this channel.

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Marta and Yuu

Marta and Yuu are another model of Japanese-Hispanic family. She is Spanish, and has been living in Japan for many years knowing and enjoying its culture that she loves so much.

marta and yuu videos about japan

He is a young Japanese man who in turn learn about European customs and actively participates in the videos of their joint channel in Spanish.

youtubers living in japan yuyu and marta

In the marta e Yuu channel you have all kinds of very interesting videos.

He tells his experiences and stories that he has gone through living in Japan, they share their life and their travels, and does some entertainment, games, and live videos, lots of live ones!

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Mayra sanchez

Mayra is a Mexican mom living in Niigata with her husband and their two little ones born in Japan, Mauro and Misa.

mexican in niigata japan youtuber

His YouTube channel is also a mix of both cultures, showing their experiences, their daily life, and discovering some curiosities of Japan that we Westerners do not know.

japanese youtubers women

His videos have a very homemade format, and are the most fun and close. Outside the city of Tokyo, family life looks quite different.

And this is something that Mayra manages to capture in her video vlogs every week. You are going to love this channel of this Mexican youtuber who lives in Japan!

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Asian Boss Spanish

If you like channels of reports, news, and even documentaries, one of the best YouTube channels that deals with Japanese culture from the inside is Asian Boss from Setephen Park.

documentaries on youtube of japan asian boss spanish

In addition to Japan, they also deal with current affairs in other nearby countries, such as Korea, China or India, but above all they focus on the Japanese country, discovering how current affairs are treated from the street.

Japanese with YouTube channel

The videos are in the original language of the country where they are recorded, but you will be able to watch them with Spanish subtitles.

Take a look, because they try many different themes, in video of a few minutes that are intense and interesting.

See Channel

Japan from Japan

Tony anthariz It is the Peruvian who transmits through his YouTube channel Japan from Japan.

japanese names for youtube channels

This guy, married to a Japanese woman and residing in the country for several years, broadcasts on his channel in a very professional way everything related to the culture, events and tourism for Spanish-speaking foreigners.

japan from japan reviews

One of the most interesting series that you will find on his channel are the videos asking Japanese and foreigners living in Japan.

Through their interviews it is possible to get to know different points of view in addition to your own. As a scientist in Japan, he offers a lot of valuable information for those who want study or work as researchers in Japan.

See Channel

In addition to these channels of Spanish-speaking boys who tell their experiences in Japan, there are many others Japanese Youtube Channels in other languages ​​that are very interesting.

Youtube is a platform where you can find content to learn Japanese, to discover more about Japanese customs, or simply to have a fun time enjoying beautiful images of that wonderful country like Japan.

Share with us your favorite YouTube channels about Japan and its culture, and discover many more through our recommendations. And you, do you know Japanese youtubers that you recommend to follow?

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